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Character Information
Profession:Royal Paladin
Last login:23 May 2018, 7:27 am
Comment:Created: 9 January 2015, 2:23 pm

Account Status:Premium Account

Demon Helmet
Ferumbras' Ascendant
Hearth of Destruction
Pits of Inferno
The Inquisition
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Deaths
17 May 2018, 20:42Died at level 455 by Rec Arka
17 May 2018, 18:51Died at level 455 by Pato Samuel and Pally On Three
24 Apr 2018, 22:31Died at level 455 by Ai Que Deliciaa and Millf
23 Apr 2018, 21:36Died at level 455 by Braboe Ruim and Anjinha Loka
23 Apr 2018, 20:40Died at level 457 by Weeper and a lost berserker
19 Apr 2018, 05:13Died at level 451 by Massacre Abb
18 Apr 2018, 18:38Died at level 446 by Royal Pitufo
7 Apr 2018, 20:03Died at level 442 by Ja Errei and Xerxes
7 Apr 2018, 19:34Died at level 442 by Ja Errei and Inmortaliity
3 Apr 2018, 19:53Died at level 442 by Navi Sun Mile and Navi Hally

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