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Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1King LopezElite Knight8239223246123
2Toinho TranqElder Druid8199102675637
3HallyzerahMaster Sorcerer7847997507961
4ZarthymokElder Druid7797829517182
5ApodyktycznsoElder Druid7747682459069
6Navi ZikaElder Druid7707561479000
7Czarny KoszRoyal Paladin7607275321863
8King CyprianRoyal Paladin7607258950983
9Fala LinoRoyal Paladin7597245794166
10Navi HallyElder Druid7517026851516
11Kamikaze BrunaoMaster Sorcerer7456845249012
12Tou Na DisneyRoyal Paladin7366595005356
13Rico JesusMaster Sorcerer7336536509476
14Styllo Mage BotElder Druid7306447552348
15Navi NefestoElder Druid7296423198197
16Devil ChochooMaster Sorcerer7276368684773
17Jow Aka BlokElite Knight7276358620608
18JotaeniessyRoyal Paladin7266328076137
19Hotshoot DeecRoyal Paladin7256307498530
20Only CuteRoyal Paladin7226242571241
21Zack UnknownElder Druid7216209166458
22LandinRoyal Paladin7206174448977
23Awesomex GirlElder Druid7166089166074
24Peter Nie TrzyElder Druid7146037616963
25NiepokojaceRoyal Paladin7115955483643
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» Max Results: 300

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