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Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1KanuniElite Knight85910504365636
2KropowiekElder Druid85210256977068
3Este WeiiElder Druid8419869140327
4Bope EliteRoyal Paladin8369678882778
5King CyprianRoyal Paladin8239223234400
6Ready EkolokoElder Druid8128885905057
7Phoenix AngelsElder Druid8048618895530
8Annabelle IiElder Druid8048599164185
9Real GanjaboyElder Druid7998440423309
10DevilishlyElder Druid7908183162824
11King PelaaoRoyal Paladin7898141468378
12Nefesto AlwaysElder Druid7837966694501
13MisiooElder Druid7827930235762
14AlcantaroxzRoyal Paladin7807864024321
15King LeeoElder Druid7797842029739
16Abin CrazyMaster Sorcerer7787811826446
17StrzatkaRoyal Paladin7787798592893
18Malcolm MerlynRoyal Paladin7777761633535
19King MtsElder Druid7727635253533
20King MeyvElite Knight7667441635266
21KhoringElder Druid7627335093524
22JokzzRoyal Paladin7607267692162
23Deus Faz BackupRoyal Paladin7597244159642
24WyakowkyRoyal Paladin7587227810681
25Na PegadaaElder Druid7577174271560
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