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Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1Toinho TranqElder Druid8058658257750
2Navi HighlyElite Knight7998463226083
3CzywiezjakMaster Sorcerer7727615834724
4ApodyktycznsoElder Druid7627336159526
5ApodyktyczndaElder Druid7476913330861
6Zhansheg JituanElder Druid7386669617988
7Doido NetdownRoyal Paladin7356581575605
8Jow Aka BlokElite Knight7276358616804
9Slash RockstarRoyal Paladin7256301377621
10Fearless StylloElder Druid7186135912970
11Devil ChochooMaster Sorcerer7186125866917
12Awesomex GirlElder Druid7166089166074
13Kamikaze BrunaoMaster Sorcerer7115949317239
14Zhazheng JituanElder Druid7105920488653
15ChokitaoxElder Druid7065827511622
16King CyprianRoyal Paladin7055797510386
17Awesomex BoyElder Druid7035741381778
18Hotshoot DeecRoyal Paladin7025735768870
19Lady PepekinhaRoyal Paladin7005677312299
20HorvatMaster Sorcerer6975613190083
21Nefesto TranqElder Druid6975606705306
22Braddock NetdownRoyal Paladin6975596279263
23Rafa CrazzyElder Druid6955563552720
24Zhanzeg JituanRoyal Paladin6945534831172
25Zagubiony MfodyElder Druid6945523754909
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