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Skills displayed in the Highscores do not include any bonuses (loyalty, equipment etc.).

Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1Old MrkzaoElite Knight7156064576315
2CoyzerahRoyal Paladin6845296639355
3Jow Aka BlokElite Knight6825261769824
4Mooiis FoxElder Druid6624798036029
5Sorento BallackElder Druid6484500954785
6RecoveryElder Druid6484493531206
7Rafa CrazzyElder Druid6454434235106
8Bebe Sem FraldaRoyal Paladin6434392448231
9BukiikElder Druid6404340529577
10MollaElder Druid6394309550450
11Boldin WtfMaster Sorcerer6384303533491
12Breeak DownRoyal Paladin6374269548312
13King StylloElder Druid6324169876691
14Devil ChochooMaster Sorcerer6294108307920
15Guizera RusherRoyal Paladin6254032536868
16Koalla CharloveMaster Sorcerer6244029619082
17Behziinho NetdownRoyal Paladin6213967571865
18Braddock NetdownRoyal Paladin6093743331098
19Sujiro KecorraMaster Sorcerer6083720261727
20Archer KingRoyal Paladin6083716315218
21Pro HardRoyal Paladin6013594261514
22Kamikaze HighlyRoyal Paladin6013589525298
23Daan AwkElder Druid5983529356757
24LuanzzeraMaster Sorcerer5953490986288
25Deus JokzRoyal Paladin5953487993961
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