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Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1Pusta KratkaRoyal Paladin102717991762629
2Baleryon LoveElder Druid101817503974752
3SaguitariusElder Druid100016567378949
4KropowiekElder Druid99616396231655
5Hecks LeadsElder Druid98916062147908
6Protect VentaniaMaster Sorcerer95814566426124
7MeploxMaster Sorcerer95414409757800
8Mano GuunElder Druid93913736896361
9Wraca MezczyznRoyal Paladin93513536519820
10Old ChokitaoElder Druid90612341859353
11Fernando HiglyhElite Knight90612313564038
12BurznyekuElite Knight90412264529553
13Deec CelebrytaMaster Sorcerer89611937449386
14XuatzniggaElder Druid88611513539548
15PrincezzoElder Druid88511497643192
16The ManipulatorMaster Sorcerer87811207298778
17Insane GabsElder Druid87210979503687
18Joao ReturnRoyal Paladin86910867504068
19Impunity VeilElder Druid86810858916502
20DevorahMaster Sorcerer86510718631318
21Heartless CuteRoyal Paladin85710418881995
22Protect ChokitoMaster Sorcerer85310272856563
23Zawsze KochamElder Druid85210260481836
24Blue TonikMaster Sorcerer85110205414826
25MazzeszRoyal Paladin84910157103991
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