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Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1Rycerz ChinskiElite Knight8299451437442
2Darknes Of HellElder Druid8168998931158
3ZarthymokElder Druid7988419401460
4Luca El PatronMaster Sorcerer7858028737556
5Only CuteRoyal Paladin7797838503855
6Mano GuunElder Druid7747694030968
7Dobrze WinElder Druid7717604905156
8ComradeElder Druid7697525543990
9King CyprianRoyal Paladin7687492507156
10Phoenix AngelsElder Druid7647399296653
11Real GanjaboyElder Druid7637350504650
12Styllo PlayhardElder Druid7617293034560
13Deus Faz BackupRoyal Paladin7607259772052
14SunmileElder Druid7557140397765
15General AngelsRoyal Paladin7527054641290
16Nairobi BerlimElder Druid7517030689621
17King Be PowahElder Druid7517025354052
18Powah SatanasElite Knight7506978634294
19GnzoorRoyal Paladin7496958230807
20Kamikaze BrunaoMaster Sorcerer7496952065181
21JotaeniessyRoyal Paladin7456862753710
22Hotshoot DeecRoyal Paladin7426778892464
23Felpz The RichMaster Sorcerer7356586545433
24Muay LovexpRoyal Paladin7346547356119
25Peter Nie TrzyElder Druid7316479521957
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