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Character Information
Name:Paladin Afk Afk
Profession:Royal Paladin
Last login:16 June 2019, 2:23 am
Account Status:Premium Account

Player Health: 5025/5025
Player Mana:7295/7295
Player Level:492
Player Experience:1969163150 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 3724050 EXP to Level 493.
Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
492 37 15 13 10 10 133 97 10
Demon Helmet
Ferumbras' Ascendant
Hearth of Destruction
Pits of Inferno
The Inquisition
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Deaths
15 Jun 2019, 17:05Died at level 492 by a demon outcast, a juggernaut, a lost soul, a blightwalker, a betrayed wraith, an energy elemental, a plaguesmith and a dark torturer.
15 Jun 2019, 13:56Killed at level 490 by Even Onlywar, a plaguesmith, a defiler, Enrico Lovewar, a blightwalker, Paullyn Tanker, Silent King, Mexicanito Flow, Sem Sio Morri, Come On, Paralyzex, Gabe Waraddict, Woman Valentina, Elnerayfex Kama, Virus Tankzor and Pvp Dogao.
14 Jun 2019, 03:15Died at level 492 by an icecold book, a Squid Warden and an animated feather.
12 Jun 2019, 04:25Died at level 487 by a ghastly dragon, a death blob and a draken abomination.
7 Jun 2019, 14:37Killed at level 487 by Houdini Warz, Antarys Mszao, Lorena Lidera and Arthur Br Otp.
2 Jun 2019, 10:12Died at level 485 by a plaguesmith, a son of verminor, a blightwalker and Iron Penis.
2 Jun 2019, 04:06Died at level 484 by a plaguesmith, Paladin Afkafk, a blightwalker and a son of verminor.
1 Jun 2019, 13:47Killed at level 484 by Biel Youteacher, a blightwalker, Playboysz, Kavera Cazh, a plaguesmith, Ditovisk Rp, a son of verminor, Hunterpala, Ze Bin, Vicente Azeredo, Cah Azeredo and Lucifer Imortal.
1 Jun 2019, 03:34Died at level 479 by a dark torturer, a hand of cursed fate, a ghoul, a poison spider, a giant spider, a betrayed wraith, a skeleton and a demon skeleton.
24 May 2019, 21:14Killed at level 477 by Smotcka Wyzkov, Khaleesii, a son of verminor, a blightwalker, Mecca, a plaguesmith and Iron Penis.

Account Information
Created:27 February 2018, 11:43 pm

1. Netto Money336 PaladinOffline
2. Paladin Afk Afk492 Royal PaladinOffline

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