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Character Information
Profession:Royal Paladin
Last login:15 June 2019, 10:39 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

Demon Helmet
Ferumbras' Ascendant
Hearth of Destruction
Pits of Inferno
The Inquisition
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Deaths
8 May 2019, 04:52Died at level 469 by a guzzlemaw, System Snow, a shock head, a silencer and a frazzlemaw.
27 Apr 2019, 18:25Killed at level 462 by Mighty Buffed, Dewny Dominando, Oops, Pepe Cucu, Impalas, Judo, Wyakowky, King Joss, Leito Storaku, Navi Blue, Handless Jhonny, Juny Fearless, Guihsz, Terror Crusher, Im Back Bro and Faraohz.
23 Mar 2019, 01:47Died at level 451 by a reality reaver, a Dread Intruder, a Sparkion and a breach brood.
19 Jan 2019, 15:42Killed at level 438 by Eliaspally, King Jesca and Megan On.
19 Jan 2019, 12:49Died at level 437 by a souleater, a medusa, Lady Naty, Dash Namikaze, a hydra and Codeiina.
19 Jan 2019, 11:07Died at level 437 by a spectre and a grim reaper.
6 Jan 2019, 14:53Died at level 434 by a juggernaut, a blightwalker, a betrayed wraith, a plaguesmith, a dark torturer, a lost soul, a hellhound, an energy elemental, a demon outcast, a choking fear, a frazzlemaw and a nightmare.
2 Jan 2019, 15:27Killed at level 434 by Rpz Boladao, Brutality Pqp, Napika Sekika, Svehn, Miyiagi Senseii and Hit Flow.
2 Jan 2019, 13:38Died at level 436 by a fire elemental, a hellflayer, a grimeleech, a demon, a vexclaw, a hand of cursed fate and a spectre.
1 Jan 2019, 17:18Died at level 437 by a vexclaw, a hand of cursed fate, a grimeleech, a demon, Rektby Crazy, Beast Onslaught and a hellflayer.

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Itz Atomsz (718)
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Japa Angellook (786)
+ 68039610 exp
Sky Infernal (665)
+ 65411434 exp
King Fernzor (709)
+ 54631627 exp
Derek Kvsh (588)
+ 52873485 exp
Top Exp Lose Today
Guille Czajkowski (712)
-90202353 exp
Toonzeera (667)
-55386277 exp
Patrao Do Hotel (485)
-52601109 exp
Encostado (652)
-33826301 exp
Shooter Star (441)
-33360848 exp
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